Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Short Weekend..

Shah Alam – Kuala Kubu Bahru (KKB) – Port Dickson (PD) – Klang – Shah Alam.. Yes, we made it in one day uolls.. Saturday kene kerja so ada Sunday je nak berjimba-jimba.. Hehe..

 We started the journey to Kuala Kubu Bahru early in the morning, 7.00am as I have bengkel to attend.. Bengkel kecantikan kau.. huhu.. Specifically it was a make-up class organized by Persatuan Wanita Berdaya (PWB) in Balai Raya Kampung Kelapa, KKB .. Diorang pun ada facebook tau.. Just search for PWB KKB, mesti jumpe.. Banyak activiti yang dianjurkan tau.. Still remembered one of my frens said, kelass kau nyah.. haha.. Keras-keras pun nak make up ke?? She really knew me better since we’re in uni before.. Haha..

Million thanks to daddy coz he allows me to join the bengkel, sending me to KKB and taking care of the kids that day.. We actually brought the kids together and to kill the time daddy brought them to playground and strolling around the kampung while mommy was having the class.. The activity started late as scheduled and ended at 1pm..

Kesian kat anak2, waiting for mommy sampai tertidur.. Huhu..

As soon as the event ended, we straight headed to PD as my two siblings were waiting for us since morning.. Actually, my sister in law did called me a night before and invited us to have a picnic in PD like last time we have it.. Unfortunately tak boleh make it early.. But, tetap nak join.. Actually, I'm very excited to go there as I wanted Umar walking, playing and feeling with the beach sands.. Hoho.. I never bring him to any beaches to do so.. Iman da selalu pergi beach.. Dah pernah jejak pasir pantai.. We reached PD at about 4.00pm.. Sembang-sembang jap.. Makan-makan.. Then, I let the kids to have their own time walking around the area..

Iman was so eager to mandi.. Like she said.. Mommy nak mandi, sambil striping off her baju.. At first, I was hesitated to let Iman mandi coz I’m not around to watch her in the water.. But then, my brother ada, my sister in law pun ada to take care of her.. Both me and husband didn’t bring extra cloths so we didn’t mandi pantai this time.. I just followed and watched them for a far.. Tau-tau je Iman dah berendam.. I can see that Iman really enjoy her mandi pantai.. So did Umar..

I can’t let them playing in the water too long as the weather is still scorching hot.. Bagi rasa je macam mane air laut.. hehe.. I don’t want both Iman and Umar having sun burn tho.. Tak elok untuk kids.. haha.. So I brought them up and we're just sitting at the hut while waiting for them to naik.. We’re waiting for about 2 hours for them to show up.. The kids dah mengamuk nak lari sana sini.. Ended up daddy asked me to wait in the car as they cannot be controlled anymore.. Punya la lame diorang ni mandi pantai.. Tak takut sunburn ke?? Haih..

We left PD at 8.00 pm and heading back to KL.. Thought of having seafood as our dinner.. My brother suggested his favorite place which is Yok Mampir Restaurant.. The restaurant situated in Rantau Panjang, Klang.. A place with good taste and affordable price he said.. We had Ikan Kembung 3 rasa (2 pax), Tom Yam Poktek, Sup Ekor, Kailan Ikan Masin (2 pax), Telur Dadar (2 pax), Daging goreng kunyit (2 pax) and nasi puteh for 8 pax.. TWe mainly ordered air buah, abc and laici kang for drinks.. And they only charged us RM73 for that.. Murah kan..

We safely arrived home late at nite at 12.00pm.. I have to rush preparing the kids stuff for next day coz I'm working on Public Holiday (Thaipusam)!!! Ggrrrrrr...
Sangat jeles when thinking that daddy will have a good rest and sleep for next whole day.. Huh..

Personally, I really appreciate the time that we spent together.. Walaupun sekejap.. Everyone has their own life and family.. Semua dah kahwin.. Semua da kerja.. So this is the only time that we can share with our loved ones.. Really missed those old time while we're young.. Huhu..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Umar’s 13 mos Jab..

Umar is 1 year old by January.. So it’s his due to 13 mos jab.. Both my hubs and I have no idea why baby needs this injection.. Haha.. Least we know about this jab is sebab da tertulis dalam rekod kesihatan dia and kene amek suntikan ni.. Kalau tak de tulis, tak payah amek la kan.. Senang.. Haha..

Actually during Umar’s birthday, mommy was having a fever.. May read the story [here]. Daddy pulak was so busy at that time so no time to bring him to the clinic..  (There was no celebration for adek at the moment.. Plan to have simple birthday party for him as to exhilarate the kids..)  So, we decided to bring Umar for his jab during weekend.. But when weekend came, Umar plak demam.. So cannot take any jabs during fever as advised by the doc during our previous visit..

Prior to that, I gave Umar ibuprofen syrup and placed the bye-bye fever onto his forehead.. Sekejap je baiknya.. After 6 hours, then badan panas semula.. So makan ubat lagi.. Still tak recover.. On Sunday, we brought him for a traditional massage in Banting.. Jauh kan? There is no other mak urut that I knew in Shah Alam or Subang area.. Have to jugak la kan, dah anak kesayangan sakit..

I have an experience before when both my kids were sick for more than 1 week and they still not fully recovered even when they’re given paracetamol and other medicine.. Worst thing is Iman has fits history.. We need to give intensive care to her as to avoid it from happen.. (Will share the story about this in another entry.. It’s a looooong story to tell..) Taken advise from my mother to bring them for traditional massage and after the treatment Alhamdulillah.. they even can run and play together on the same day..
After a long delay, we finally went to daddy’s panel to get Umar’s jab.. His weight was taken before we went to see the doctor.. Umar was 9.5 kg at the age of 1 year 8 days.. Ringannya I said.. I think Iman’s much more heavier than Umar at this age..

To cut the story short, adek Umar da selamat kene cucuk.. Menangis before the injection was given maybe sebab muka doc tu garang.. He tried to play with Umar before giving the jab.. Unfortunately adek Umar tak senyum pun.. Umar menangis sebelum kene cucuk.. After a while, he's OK lepas mommy pujuk.. Tengok la.. Siap boleh main-main lagi dengan kakak after kene injection.. Tak sakit Umar kan..

For info, at around 13 mos, baby will be given the MMR, the immunization that protects against measles (a serious illness with a rash and fevers), mumps illness which causes swelling around the jaws and rubella (known as German measles) illness that brings a rash and sore throat.

According to doc, soon after the immunization, baby may develop a fever, go off his food or develop a rash on his body. If this happen, then he suggested to give paracetamol liquid or liquid ibuprofen to reduce the baby’s temperature and to soothe any pain. Alhamdulillah, Umar tak demam.. Antibodi dia kuat seperti orangnya.. He is such an active and strong boy.. 

 And of course he is mommy’s little hero..

Friday, January 18, 2013

my kids..

Feels like I have 2 daughters pulak.. See what happen when Umar pun kene toncet.. Ni hasil kerja tangan kakak babysitter.. Ish.. Ish..

Sabar la Umar..

Stomach Flu / Gastric Flu

Diagnose as: Acute gastroenteritis with gastritis

On Wednesday, I was very sick to do any work at office.. Everything was not right I would say.. At first, I thot that maybe because of I had my red flag for these few days.. But I’m totally wrong when the soreness was getting hush and I can’t bear it anymore..

I had ayam goreng with super duper hot sambal belacan and baby kalian goreng with cili padi for my lunchie.. Everything was normal until I felt my stomach is going to burst.. I started to felt dizzy, want to vomit but I can’t.. I could feel that my esophagus was stuck with golf ball..

In the evening, I just laid in the prayer room and took a nap so that I can rested for a while.. But the pain was still not tolerate with me at all.. Sakitnya.. Oh stomach, please be nice to me.. I can’t walk and stand properly as I felt the pain like heartburn..

Later that night, my body temperature was tremendously high and I was shivering even I wore a long tee and covered my full body with thick blanket.. Mr hubs was so kind giving me pain killer as to reduce the pain before taking me to clinic.. But I refused to go because I think that I probably might not get an MC for tomorrow.. Haha.. I have an experience when I went to clinic at nite and asked for an mc and you know what.. The doctor said you can rest for the whole nite after taking all the medicine girl.. Kedekut kan doctor tu.. Huh.. So, I took that experience as a lesson.. haha..

I went to the panel clinic of Mr hubs the next day.. Before seeing the doctor, I still be able to pay a visit the rest room.. haha.. Tak tahan ma.. After that, the number was calling.. As usual the doc will do what they should do.. Asking questions and she offered me for intravenous fluids treatment.. It means that an injection.. Oh my.. I tried to avoid when it comes to jarum suntikan.. sakit la.. But the pain is what I have to avoid now.. Syuh.. syuh.. please go away.. According to doc foe severe case, this treatment is needed and it will be a booster to fast treat the disease.. Felt lil dizzy during the treatment, maybe because the ubat was attacking the virus / bacteria.. ntah la.. To cut short the story, I got MC for that day.. Yaay.. *jump* haha..

Just for sharing with all..
Gastroenteritis or inflammation (-itis) of the gastrointestinal tract that involves both the stomach (gastro) and the small intestine (entero), resulting in some combination of diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain and cramping. It is also called as stomach flu or gastric flu. For mild or moderate cases, this can typically be achieved via oral rehydration solution. Abdominal cramping may also be present. Signs and symptoms usually begin 12–72 hours after contracting the infectious agent. Some viral causes may also be associated with fever, fatigue, headache, and muscle pain. Semua symptom tu ai rase.. Uwa..

As for Gastritis, the chronic causes are infection with bacteria, primarily Helicobacter pylori, chronic bile reflux, and stress; certain autoimmune disorders can cause gastritis as well. The most common symptom is abdominal upset or pain. Other symptoms are indigestion, abdominal bloating, nausea, and vomiting and pernicious anemia. Some may have a feeling of fullness or burning in the upper abdomen. Memang semua symptom tu ai rasa..

For more info you may read [here] and [here]..

So from now on, akan berjaga-jaga dalam pemakanan seharian.. no more super spicy sambal n make sure to take food regularly.. but in small quantity of course.. kang tak pasal-pasal naik plak berat badan ni... for those yang tak pernah kena, take a good care of yourself.. and always remember prevention is better than cure.. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Colors of 2012

Still about 2012.. Since there is no story, pictures, entry during 2012, so I decided to post some of the pictures as to capture the memories..

Jan - Kehadiran adek Umar memang dinanti2.. First day adek in this world..

June – Majlis pernikahan Ayah Chik @ Terengganu..

Oct – Adek yang demam..

Oct – Iman pun demam but this time da teruk n was given nebulizer to help her breath easy..

Nov – Wedding my 3rd bro in SP..

Nov – Adek n kakak were in bath tub during our short gateway in Penang.. Kakak nmpk kaki je.. Yg lain censored..

Dec – Animal Park at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang..

Dec - French Village in Bkt. Tinggi, Pahang

Dec – Kakak was very tired and soundless sleeping in the car.. On our way back from Cameron Highlands..

Dec - Wedding makcikku a.k.a nenek kpd anak2ku..


Monday, January 14, 2013

Reminiscing 2012 – Part 2

During the time dpt kerja baru, I still applied for another job.. Still went for another interviews.. Cuti jgn ckp la kan.. Mc pun amek semata nak p interview.. haha.. Kite selalu pk yg itu kot yang terbaik utk kita.. tp sbnrnye tak.. You will never thought that ‘this’ is better for you compare to ‘that’ until u find and face it by urself.. I don’t know others but it happened to me.. You never knew what Allah has plan for you kan.. Always a better plan..

In May, got one job offer.. But the salary was slightly lower than present company.. Nak accept ke x.. Nak ke tak.. After long long discussion with mr hubs, I decided to accept the offer due to time and km.. it’s actually sgt dekat dgn rumah.. it took about 5 mins by car.. and maybe 15mins by walking or running.. if compared to present company, I need to travel for about 2 hours a day, rm9 for toll, fuel lg kan.. For the time being I said its ok for me to work with that salary.. lame2 bleh naik.. kalau naik.. Redha je la..

I tendered resignation notice 2 weeks earlier.. Actually 24hours notice should be enuff as I’m not confirm yet.. but as a dedicated and responsible person, I think hantar awal la.. So that management will be prepared.. Da la company baru lepas external audit.. too many documentation to deal with.. Improvement here and there.. Answering CARs.. Siapkan keje dulu so boleh pegi dengan tenang kan.. hehe..

Before went home on last day, I called one of the director just to thank him for giving me a chance to work with the company.. sangat2 appreciate dikala sangat2 perlukan kerja.. and he thanked me back for what I did for the company especially during the audit time.. During last conversation, he countered me an offer.. The thing that I never had before.. sblm ni maybe manager ckp kalo ko nak berhenti, berhenti la.. ade aku kesah.. siap dpt surat, your resignation is accepted lg.. haha. Tapi kali ni sangat la lain..

On Sunday, got SMS from him regarding the offer.. He offered me with new position and my salary will be revised.. Increment up to RM1k++.. Can’t you believe it?? No rite? I showed the SMS to Mr. Hubs.. It this for real?? Nak tau.. I siap berlari-lari lagi dlm rumah after finished reading it.. haha.. Silly me.. But as a professional, I text him back and saying that ‘can you give me time to consider and I will inform you on Monday morning..’ Haha.. nak gelak ok.. So end the story of cari kerja lain.. That’s is why I’m still here.. Berkhidmat utk diri sendiri n keluarga..

This year both my family and family in law have newbies in the family.. Me and my husband got 2 adek ipar sekaligus.. pakcik pun dapat ok.. Wedding Nuzaihan, mr. hubs’ lil brother was on June.. Kawen dgn org Terengganu.. So we applied leave for 1 weeks as senang sekali harung  je.. huhu..
As from my side, my 3rd brother yg kawen.. dpt org jauh.. org Sungai Petani.. Makcik ai pun kawen gak.. dgn org kampong sebelah.. Both weddings were on November.. Nmpk sweet sangat diorg ni.. eh baru ai perasan diorg seme pakai bj kawen warna merah la.. Color of the year kot..

[xdpt nk upload gambar.. lappy ade prob.. pastu xtau nak wt mcm mane.. hoho..]
Despite having all those memories, there were few that I did not blog such as our 3rd Anniversary (special entry for that), raya time, Iman and Umar sakit every month, short gateway to Penang, Cameron Highlands, Bkt. Tinggi,  visiting our new house yg hamper nk siap, etc.. Bnyk da xingat la.. haha.. All the emotions were mixed up during this whole year. Alhamdulillah I *we actually* made it through the year.. Yeay..

So that’s wrap up my 2012.. azam thn ni nk aktif berblog.. can I? Insha Allah..

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary - 121212

We tied the knot on 12th Dec 2009.. And it's been 3 years plus we're together..

Never knew that u're the one who meant to be my soul partner ever since I met and knew u during our school time. Last2 u'r the one who duduk just beside me atas pelamin.. Haha.. When talk about jodoh, it's Allah's plan, rite..

To the only u, thank you for being u, for accepting me for what I am before.. Very blessed to have you and our two lil baby in my life.. Nothing can change my love for u.. Pray hard to Allah, Insha Allah our love will last till Jannah.. Amin..

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reminiscing 2012 – Part 1

As for me, I would say that last year was the toughest year in my life ever.. Alhamdulillah, I have my dearly Husband, my adek beradek, my family around and support me every now and then..

Resigned from previous company in Aug 2011 was the hardest decision to make.. Being a jobless wife and being pregnant at the same time, you have no idea on what I have to face. My due date was on Jan 2012 so everything needs to be prepared especially on baby’s stuff and hospitalization fees.. We need to prepare the unexpected.. 

Preparation for adek baby in the oven was ala kadar.. We decided not to belanja sakan as kakak’s stuff still in good condition.. Can re-cycle.. Sian adek.. We only shopping last minute for few items.. All in blue color as we were expecting a boy.. Some more, nenek & atok Pahang already bought baju, lampin, n other stuffs for adek.. Syukur, jimat daddy kata.. When the time comes, I safely delivered my liltle boy on 16th Jan 2012.. I had my confinement period at my mom’s house like Iman’s time..

Early 2012, I had started to build up my career.. I don’t think that I can stand to stay at home without doing nothing.. Working, having my own career I mean.. Everyday makan, tido, makan, tido, watching tv such a boring thing to do.. So by that month I was struggling to find any job.. Any job would do.. Haha.. Nmpk sgt mcm desperate.. Job interviews here and there.. Jauh n dekat.. and finally I hit ones.. Working in sub urban area was not in my plan actually.. Never crossed my mind that I would working in hulu selangor.. huhu.. But then it is almost a year now.. and I still here..

Need to end up the story coz need to get home early.. Will continue the story but donno when.. hehe..

p/s: Everyday I will miss my two sayang.. adek n kakak.. xtau kenapa..

Till then..bye2..

Journey of twenty-thirteen begins..

It's twenty-thirteen everyone!!

how fast the time flies.. habis sudah satu tahun.. just a signal to show that I'm still here to welcome and hye everyone.. will blog soon to catch up the year..

Hopefully this year may bring success & prosperous in my life, my family and my career.. Insha Allah..