Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Love Nest..

Another backdated entry.. Been very busy these few weeks as the family matters taken into priority.. So blog entry have to Q.. huhu..

Alhamdulillah.. Finally, our first house is ready and the vacant possession hand over was given on 2nd February 2013.. *Yeay* Both of us were very happy and excited to receive the keys as our 2 years waiting has come to the end.. As promised by the developer, they managed to finish the project within the time frame given.. I’ve been published the photo of our house and shared the excitement with my FB frens few weeks ago..

As to reminisce the old years, it is not in our plan at all to buy a house during that time.. But then, after thinking ahead of our future (and of course after considering the pros and cons), we finally decided to invest in this type of property.. If one day we found another house that catch our interest, then we will consider to sell this one.. or keep it.. I don't know.. 

Before this we always asked ourselves, can we afford to buy and own a house? As for now pun, we only rent an apartment for the family to stay in.. I did realized that our earnings is not big enough like orang lain and the truth is both of us were working in manufacturing line.. Alhamdulillah, we still have a job with good incomes.. And manage to buy a house.. Walaupun tak se gah and as big as rumah orang lain.. But then it's ours..

So we bought this house in early 2011 and now in 2013 it is ready to be in.. Rumah siap hati gumbira.. Hehe.. When I received a call from the developer on that day, I was like homaigod.. my house.. Dah siap ke?? Betul ke?? Betul ni?? Mesti orang yang kol tu cakap biar betol pompuan nih.. Eksaited semacam je.. Hehe.. Tak pun die da biase dengar reaksi macam tuh bile kol owner.. So ok fine..

The condition of the house is totally nil.. So many things need to be equipped and installed before we can move in.. According to our plan, no major renovation at the moment due to our tight budget.. We will only do the basic things as to ensure that we can enter the house as soon as possible..

Basic things need to be done:
~Install grill for doors, sliding doors and windows – for safety reason.
~Equip fans and lighting - ye la takkan nak guna lilin n berkipaskan tangan ye dakk?? huhu..
~Install curtains for all sliding doors and windows - teringt zaman umah sewa dulu.. gune cadar wat langsir.. nostalgia sungguh..
*plus daddy insisted to do tinted to the sliding doors and windows.. tu dikira basic ke?? hehe..

Starting next month, we need to pay the apartment’s rent and installment for this house at the same time.. That is the reason why we need to move into the house ASAP.. As daddy says, if we can save RM550 then why on earth we need to waste it for every month, rite?? With minimum budget, we need to plan properly what to buy so that worth every penny spent..Tak la membazir untuk benda-benda yang lagha.. Huhu..

As I’m writing this post, we have do nothing to the house except for purchased curtains and engaged with the contractors to do tinted to the windows.. That's all.. hihi.. Don't ask me when is it the exact time to move in coz I have no idea when.. There is much to do to the house.. hehe.. 

Mind to share with you my housing area.. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So-called CNY Luchdin (Lunch + Dinner)..

Waa.. It’s a looooooong silence from me since my last entry.. I just realized that almost 2 weeks we've been entered February and there was no entry from me at all.. As to captured masa yang berlalu, here I'm to recap all those moments for my own kenang-kenangan.. Huhu.. 

This entry is actually a backdated entry.. 

Before CNY holidays, my company organized a pre-CNY celebration in our kilang.. There were makan-makan and minum-minum session (arak pun disediakan for non-muslim tau..) for all the staffs.. It’s kindda an annual celebration as it has been practiced every year by the management.. Actually the production still running as usual in the morning and was stopped at 1pm.. The event started at 3 pm and was held in one of our factory site..

Variety of food to be choose from satay, nasi goreng cina, mee kicap, udang sweet sour, fish fillet masak hape ntah, chicken curry, daging black pepper, ABC and etc.. 


This is what I chose for myself.. Plus ABC too.. Sangat lapar bile tengok makanan yg banyak.. Huhu.. Memang dasar pemakan..

First round baby..

Second round...

Some of the people.. Muka gembira tak hengat sebab dapat makan free.. hihi..

There were few faces that will never be seen anymore in the company.. Niza and Siti.. Sangat sedih bile diorang nak berhenti.. I just knew them less than a year and we are so closed together.. Gossiping and sharing stories everyday.. But now everyone has their own planning.. Tak pe lah.. Nanti dapat kawan baru lagi.. Hihi..

Our managements were kind enuff to announced that the company will be shutting down starting 8th till 13rd of February2013.. Yeay for that! Jumaat da start cuti.. Anddd, me and my husband decided to prolong the holiday till 17th of February 2013.. What a loooong holiday to celebrate huh?? We fully utilized the holiday by going to Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang..  Balik kampung time..