Friday, March 15, 2013

Iman & Umar's free day..

Kids' daily routine on weekdays:
Bangun tido - to babysitter's place smpai petang - balik rumah - Main-main, makan - Tido semula..

When weekends come, kakak ajak going to taman to play.. Nasib baik adek tak pandai cakap lagi.. Kalau tak, mesti bising.. Ajak keluar jugak.. 

I have to admit that we're not always have a time bringing kids to playground as we're working on Saturday.. We only have Sunday to have rest and bermalas-malasan dirumah.. 

This is what happen when those kids dapat menghabiskan masa di taman.. Sampai berebut-rebut nak naik slide..
Ok.. Kakak naik dulu, adek lambat..

 Usaha betul Iman nak naik.. Padahal ade je tangga..

Yeay! Akhirnya kakak da sampai kat atas..

 Bila nak naik ni adek??

Umar sampai termenung dapat naik ni..

 Kakak naik kuda..

Iman was singing her favorite song, buai laju-laju..

We've spent 1.5 hours at the playground.. Lama jugak la kat sana.. Bagi chance to kids to enjoy their playtime to the fullest.. Before we went home, Iman saw a Bangladesh selling ice-cream using motorbike.. She persuaded daddy to belanja her an ice cream..

Ended up..

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chicken pox - Itchy - Scar..

Poor my little boy..

Umar on Day 2..

 He was infected with chicken pox last 2 weeks.. Too bad until now he did not fully healed even though the fever was fade away.. Still scratching all over his body especially around his face.. May be his effort to diminish the itchiness..

Many of us actually knows and aware what chicken pox is.. The perfect mate to it is ITCHY I would say.. Only God knows how it feels when you suffered from it.. As for info, chicken pox is an airborne disease that will spread easily through sneezing or coughing of ill person.. It will also spread through direct contact with secretions of the rash.. It usually starts with skin rash on the body and head and becomes itchy which mostly heal without scarring.. *Kalau jaga dengan betul + pantang makan*

 I have no idea where on earth Umar got this disease.. From the source, there’s no clues that it would come from the babysitter’s place.. All the babies and toddlers there were all fine.. *Mungkin terserempak dengan orang kebanyakan dijalanan kot.. Kasihan..*

At first, I only realized that rash appear on his eyebrow and a single blister down at his chin and just assume that it was a pimple.. Silly me.. *Takkan lah tak dapat bezakan jerawat dengan gelembung air* There’s no other sign and symptom seen at all.. No fever.. Only that..

 The rashes were not coming out yet..

So as usual, I will send them to the babysitter’s place before going to work and hoping that nothing to be worried of.. But during fetching them in the afternoon, I was so startled when I saw so many red dots on Umar’s face.. Nasib baik kakak ok.. Not infected until to date.. *Mintak dijauhkan*

The next day, Umar’s body temperature was significantly high.. Before that night, I asked daddy to get kelapa muda for him.. Some people says, do not consume any medication from clinic/hospital as the blister will not fully appear.. Then it will come again and again to that person.. *Katenye la* I am not pretty sure about that.. But daddy will not compromise when it comes to his kids' healthy . He really wanted to get professional advice and know what is best solution for his hero.. So we brought Umar to clinic for future treatment.. Ended up, we taking EL on that day..

According to the doc, the rashes caused by a virus may however last for up a month even though the infectious stage does not take less than a week or two.. For treatment, the doctor gave antibiotics for Umar.. As another part of treatment, I cut Umar’s nails and keeping them clean as he’s more likely to scratch the blister more deeply when he felt itchy.. I don’t want the scar permanently stays on his skin..

Yes, many people would say to isolate the affected person, as a prevention action but in my case I can't separate my kids from being together.. They eat, play, sleep and doing things together..All I can do is to isolate their wear and clothes.. I will not mix Umar and Iman’s when do the laundry..

The most scary part after having the chicken pox is the SCAR.. How to avoid the scar being permanently stays on our skin? The old traditional people says don't eat kicap if not the scar will get black and stays longer on you skin.. Haha.. Don't know whether it's true or not.. As I'm writing this post, Umar is in the healing process.. The scars has not seem very obvious and I hope that he will recover soon..  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Secret of Successful Savers

I found a common article with interesting input just now while browsing thru the net and decided to share it here..

Saving money is something millions of us want to do, but do we make any effort to that? To quote a line in the article.. 'Most finance experts recommend having the equivalent of between three and six months’ worth of your salary stashed in an easy access account in case of emergencies..' This article makes me think and think.. Do I have that much of money as my saving to face any emergencies?

Many of us have their own habits/strategic plan when it comes to save their own money.. A simple practice that might give a huge impact in future..  Here are some of the habits of successful savers..

They save regularly. You may not be able to save a huge amount every month but a small amount saved often will soon add up.

*As saying goes, sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit kan..

They save at the start of the month, not the end. Really successful savers set some money aside as soon as they’re paid. That way they can factor their savings into their monthly budget and save a consistent amount each month. Don't wait until the end of month and save any leftover cash.

*If I don’t reserve it first, I don’t think that I will have it at last.. Hihi..

They keep control of their spending. If you think you can’t afford to save anything, it’s worth taking another look at your budget to see if you can reduce spending elsewhere. Really successful savers see their monthly savings deposit as a priority over more discretionary spending. You need to look back and wondering how much money that would free up for your saving account.

*I do control my spending actually but in some circumstance I can’t resist to spend for an item which is tak perlu pun.. Hihi..

They actively manage their money. Successful savers are proactive about switching their money to better accounts so they can earn the highest amount of interest possible. Many accounts are boosted by a 12-month bonus, so it’s important to keep track of when that ends and be ready to switch to a higher-paying bank.

*Ok, I admit that I have lack of knowledge about this and only use one or two account for years..

They have a rainy day fund. You might be saving for a number of reasons; for a holiday, to overpay the mortgage, to decorate the house. But whatever your goal, it’s important to have an emergency pot of money that you won’t dip into unless you really need it. Really successful savers don’t factor this emergency fund into their savings goals, because they know that they can’t blow that money on a dream break or garage conversion.

*Keyword here is save for emergency!

They clear their debts first. It makes no sense to be paying high interest on a loan or credit card, while earning low interest on savings in the bank. Although it makes sense to save up an emergency fund, most people are better off clearing their debts before adding to their savings.  Successful savers don’t waste money on high interest loans if they have the cash to clear them.

*We are working on it right now.. And the mission is no credit card for life..

They keep track of their loose change. How much money do you lose down sofas? How much do you dump in a penny jar and never cash in? Money works harder in a savings account than it does sitting in an ashtray in your kitchen. It really is worth emptying your penny jar occasionally.

*I just realize that I’ve been keeping loose change for a long time in a bowl.. I have seen a coin machine in Tesco Shah Alam last time when buying our groceries.. Have idea to change the coin for Tesco voucher and use it for our next month groceries expenses.. 

They set savings goals. If you’re saving for a specific goal, then it’s a good idea to work backwards. Instead of deciding how much you can afford to save each month, consider how much you need in total and how quickly you need it. Then you can work out how much you need to save each month to reach that goal, and tailor your other spending accordingly. Really successful savers understand that setting goals can be really motivating.

*So many goals need to set up.. Hihi.. But I will ensure that I can accomplish it one by one..

They start young. There’s plenty of evidence that saving as a child helps you manage your money better as an adult. You can get your own children in the habit of putting some of their cash aside, even if it’s just their duit raya. If you can teach them the benefits of regular saving, you’re helping them to become successful savers in their own right

*Want to buy cutey little coin box as to encourage my kids to save money now.. Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya..

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Wean-off a Baby/Toddler?

Has been searching the info for weeks.. I'm going to do this to my 2.5 year old toddler.. 

From the reading, I found that TIME and DETERMINATION are the key factors to success.. When you feel the time is right, you can follow below tips to ease the transition for you and your baby..

#Make the switch gradually.
The amount of time it takes to wean a child will vary based on your needs and his. Start slowly and gradually increase the number of bottle feedings you give your baby each day. For the first two days, substitute one bottle of FM for one of the day's breastfeeding sessions. On day three, substitute a bottle for two feedings. By day five, you can use a bottle for three or four feedings.

#Let Dad give the bottle.
If you've been nursing him since birth, your baby associates you with breastfeeding and may be confused or upset if that changes. Try letting a family member give him the first few bottles, while you stay out of sight. After he gets used to the bottle, you can take over.

#Skip the bottle and head straight to the cup.
If your child is older than 9 mo, skip the bottle and introduce a sippy cup as you wean her off the breast.

#Experiment with different nipple types.
If a traditional straight nipple doesn't work for your child, try one of the newer slanted nipples designed to be more comfortable to little mouths and to more realistically simulate a real breast. Also, try out different nipple holes. Some babies find it easier to suck from a slanted hole than from a classic round one.

#Don't stress yourself out. 
To make weaning as stress-free as possible for yourself and your baby, make the transition slow and gradual. Be flexible and don't get concerned if you backslide a bit.

#Expect some engorgement.
As you begin to breastfeed your baby less frequently, you may experience some discomfort. Once you stop breastfeeding completely, your milk production will stop fairly quickly. In the meantime, you may need to express some milk for the first few days (just don't express so much that you stimulate milk production). To ease the discomfort, apply cold compresses and take a mild pain reliever.

This is the lil girl that I talked about..

Will share my toddler weaning-off journey later.. Let's pray that I will have a smooth journey towards the end.. Insha Allah..