Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Short Gateway to Cameron Highlands..

Every year, fyi, we will step our foot in Cameron Highlands, Pahang.. *Boleh dikatakan kelebihan berkahwin dengan orang Kelantan kot* So every time we went back to daddy’s hometown, we will take opportunity to climb up the hill to CH (if we want to lar) on our way back to KL..

Honeymoon and jalan-jalan di CH.. I can't find our pictures in tea valley.. Masa tu tengah mengandungkan Iman.. *Sobs.. sobs*

~May 2011~
Masa ni Iman umur 8 bulan.. Adek Umar still dalam peyut mummy.. 1 month ++..
Three of us.. (plus 1..)

Tak nak pakai hood.. Huhu..

Nape macam nak nanges je ni Iman??

Daddy yang memborong disaat hujan rintik2..

~Dec 2012~
Bercuti dengan FIL
Kakak tidur kepenatan otw back to KL..

Adek pulak tidur sebelum keluar jalan2 di CH..

Last month, we were going back to Kelantan as my SIL doing the Kenduri Cukur Jambul and Doa Selamat for her new-born baby girl.. After everything was settled, we’re packing to CH before KL.. Nak berhenti berehat di CH sebelum continue our journey to KL..

We stayed in Parkland Hotel in Brinchang.. It’s a 3 stars hotel and we paid for Quad Room which consist of 1 king size and 1 single size bed.. I have made an online survey before selecting the hotel.. The main reason why I choose this hotel is that it’s in Brinchang area (near to pasar malam), provide Wi-Fi and it has nice and modern interior..

Hotel view..

I just found that there were no wardrobe and hot water provided in the hotel room *it is only provided at the foyer for every level actually*.. Tak convenient langsung.. Plus the wi-fi was not at the good strength.. When you in the middle google -ing something, suddenly there was no connection.. Arrgghh.. Tension ok.. Personally, I think that the management need to do something by improving the service..

After having shower, we decided to stay in the hotel room until Maghrib prayer and planned to go to nearby Pasar Malam.. Unfortunately, it was Sunday and the Pasar Malam in CH is only on Saturday's nite.. As other option, daddy brought us to a Tom Yam restaurant owned by Kelantan people for dinner.. Sedap jugak la.. After fill in the tank, we went back to hotel room to have a good rest.. You know how it feels when you’re lying down in comfort bed with full of stomach rite.. Very comfy and felt very sleepy.. Hehe..

One thing that I realized in CH is the weather.. It is not cool as it was when I came in CH last December 2012.. Like everyone knows that there will be no fans or air-conditioner in the hotel room, I found that the temperature is bit high  I would say and it made us can’t slept well that nite.. Luckily it was raining and it help to cool down and blew away the heat..

The kids were woke up late that morning and we had our breakfast on 10 am.. The hotel restaurant was under renovation so daddy was out to the food court in front of the hotel to get nasi lemak for us.. And mommy packed all the things before we checked out..

Budak bangun lambat..

Adek Umar pun sama..

 Menjenguk daddy dibawah yang membeli breakfast..

Lokasi hotel ni sangat convenient sebab berdepan dengan food court and pasar raya..

Adek dah get ready to jalan2 but kakak still naked with her pampers..

 Ready to get out but refuse to wear jeans.. Macam mane tuh??

So we checked out from the hotel at 10 something am and climb up the hill again to buy strawberry (a MUST when you come to CH), vegetables (segar dan murah) and sweet potatoes.. Then we made our move down to KL right after mummy finished shopping.. 

There was a story actually before the vacation..
Initially, me and my fellow uni-frens had planned a reunion a month before.. As one of my fren who now study in overseas *Jepun ye* will be in Malaysia during that time, we thought that it will be a perfect time to chill and hang out together.. So we decided to have a short vacation in CH.. Everything was well planned and 2 hotel rooms were booked with deposit.. * Coincidentally, the date of the reunion is the same day with my SIL kenduri*

To cut short the story, the reunion need to be cancelled due to some personal reasons and circumstances.. But the stay need to be continued as the hotel room was paid earlier..  No refund from the hotel even though the cancellation has made a week before.. So it’s either we continue the vacation or just burn the deposit without getting any cents.. Oh tidak lah.. Sayang pulak nak burn duit macam tu je kan.. I try to negotiate with the hotel to postpone the date so that we can go to Kenduri and later on can continue the stay at the hotel a day after.. Alhamdulillah, boleh.. So we’re agreed to take only 1 room while the other one is cancel and of course burnt..

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