Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Earthquake ke??

See this quake impact..

And this..

Scary kan??

It happened to us last week.. Daddy just arrived home late that day.. And mummy just about to fall asleep while the kids were playing just beside her.. 

Suddenly mummy heard something big crashed.. It sounded very loud and it’s really woke mummy up spontaneously.. Without thinking so much and delayed any longer,  mummy quickly get the kids and brought them outside.. They were no ideas why mummy distracted their playing time.. Iman was wondering why mummy brought her out and keep asking nape mummy so many times.. She will not stop until someones answered her.. Haish Iman ni.. Mummy tengah saspen ni..

Daddy was in the kitchen during that time.. Mummy quickly called him and asked him to check what was really happened inside? The sound was coming from the master bedroom.. To our surprise, we clearly saw that the tiles were cracking here and there and it scared me to the max..

Some point of views say that this is due to #1 earth movement either by earth itself or explosive effects due to #2 underground gases accumulations from decaying plants or animals underground.. In happens especially in landed property.. But then we are now staying in the apartment.. So I would assumed that it’s because of reason #1..

This is what Daddy did to the broken tiles.. 

The MB's door is now closed at all time as we don't want the kids enter the room and get injured because of the broken tiles..

Now we are in the process to move into our new house.. We only have less than a month to settle everything as to prepare the house as a ‘home’.. You know what I mean right.. Pray that Allah will simplify the way for us.. Amin..

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